reverse search phone number lookup directory?

October 30, 2011

can anyone tell me mote ab out reverse search phone look up? i need to know what it is all about. I quite understand that in the case where you are looking for a person, you make use of his name but in the case of searching through a phone, how does it work? please help………..


Type it into yahoo search block.

2 Responses to “reverse search phone number lookup directory?”

  1. Type it into yahoo search block.

  2. as the implies you reverse on a number in that you use a number to find out abut a person. In this case, the device from the company will give you the details about a person. If they have it, you get it instantly and if not you do not. However, there is 95% assurance that you will always get what you are looking for . Just search out a number by typing it into the search box of the company, viola you will be given the details you want. For reference purpose, check the link in the source, hope this helps you