Getting texts from the boyfriend of the chick who stole my phone. What can I do?

November 29, 2011

Ok so last week my cell phone (cheap model) was stolen out of my baby’s diaper bag. I was in the waiting room of a pediatric hospital, waiting to get medical care for my baby. I used the phone, threw it in the diaper bag, and 15 minutes later discovered it was gone. I asked the front desk if anyone had turned it in, but they hadn’t. I tried calling it, and it was off. That’s when I knew someone had stolen it, and it was most likely the angry chick sitting right next to me in the waiting room. She’d already been called back to see the doctor.

I knew the hospital wouldn’t give me her name, because of privacy laws (and b/c I couldn’t prove anything). I went to the AT&T store (sick baby in tow) to deactivate it. I bought a new phone but kept the same number. As soon as they activated my new cell phone, I got the first text which said, “Nutin but u kn0w dey trak da num. dat u dial”. About an hour later I got another text from the same number, “Am0r r u mad?” and then 30 minutes later a third text that said, “Ummm n0pe”.

I have the phone number of the guy who I got the texts from. It’s a 956 area code, and the number is 312-5435. I did a reverse phone lookup and the website said it’s a guy named Luis Gallegos.
I called the police department and filed a report. I talked to a detective who apologetically told me they were way too busy to do anything about it.

HELP! I know I won’t get my phone back, and I know I won’t get the info on my SIM card back, but it’s not right this chick gets away scott free. What can I do (that’s within the letters of the law)?


2 Responses to “Getting texts from the boyfriend of the chick who stole my phone. What can I do?”

  1. Basically, you THINK you know who stole your phone, and you are making very public accusations here on Yahoo.

    You should be careful – this is very irresponsible and can get you in a lot of trouble.

    If you have any proof beyond your suspicions, you should go to the police. If not, you really shouldn’t talk about it in public or you could be sued for libel.

  2. since you do have a contact i would pursue a civil suit against them, maybe the guy will be willing to name her to keep out of it in court. that’s if it would be worth it.