Does anyone know the company name associated with the number 801-618-1459?

December 7, 2011

The number comes up unlisted on my phone,,, and through reverse phone lookup on yahoo. The only information I can find out is the calls originate from Salt Lake City, UT. Answer: try this site..maybe it could help you.. hope it will..


Does anyone pay for reverse lookup, or a site like that?

December 5, 2011

Im trying to lookup the number 1-717-917-4863 I dont pay for reverse lookup and i was wondering if there was anyone out there who does and would be nice enough to look this number up for me and just tell me the name of the owner of this phone, and what city they live in. [...]


cell phone number lookup?

December 4, 2011

how do i do a actual reverse cell phone number look-up for free.I have done a search and all i get is the city they are in.. Answer: Maybe you can try this. Please visit website ,and you will get some details of the phone number for free, for example ,the owner’s city and [...]


Another address/phone listed in my name?

November 30, 2011

I did a reverse phone lookup of someone who called (telemarketer). For the hell of it I punched in my number as well.. I found 2 listings, My Name, My address, My phone and… My Name, Address I don’t recognize, My phone. The address is close, the city it’s in is 5 mins away, but [...]


Where on line doi get free reverse lookup on cell phones?

November 24, 2011

Answer: The only thing a reverse lookup on a cell phone number will tell you is the cell phone provider. It will not give you the name, but it may give you the city.


anyone know of a reverse phone number look up–free?

November 13, 2011

phone number lookup-reverse-cell-free Answer: There are no truly free sites as cell phone records are NOT public records. To get the information requires that records searches be performed by a legitimate agency and they DO charge for this. You will find all kinds of sites that claim to be “free” but all you will get [...]


How to find the name for a phone number?

November 9, 2011

Is there anywhere on the internet where you can do a reverse phone lookup and get the name for free? The same number keeps calling my house and I can’t get the name just the city. When I call it back no one ever answers. Answer: yea if you’re lucky you will find it..just use [...]


Afe there any free sites that will give the id of a cell phone by reverse (cell #) lookup?

November 4, 2011

trying to find owner name of cell phone by # any free sites that will do this Answer: The only way you’ll get access to cell phone owner information to to pay a site such as to reveal it. Because cell phone information is not publicly available (I.E it’s only available with private services), [...]


Cell phone directory reverse lookup…any free ones?

October 29, 2011

I need to find out the owner of these phone numbers…does anyone know a free site i can go to to do one. Answer: None free, but most will refund your money if no name is found. I used one called They supplied me with city and phone company but no name. I sent [...]


Anyone help me with a reverse cell phone lookup?

October 25, 2011

I need some help with looking up a cell phone number that is sending random unwanted text messages to my cell phone. I have narrowed it down to a city, Janesville, WI, which is only a half hour from me, but need a name. Can anyone help me? The last one was very strange, and [...]