Is there a real reverse phone look-up?

November 7, 2011

Ive been looking through like 20 different sites and i cant find a legit reverse phone lookup to find name/address for free (no credit card), anyone want to help me out? Answer: There are no free cell phone directories.


Reverse Phone Number Lookup Question?

October 29, 2011

So my friend recently started talking to this guy and now when he gave her his digits, we checked it out white pages on the internet. Now when we entered his number in, his name/address came up, etc, HOWEVER so did someone elses. Same exact number, area code and everything. How could this be? The [...]


reverse phone number lookup?

October 19, 2011

im trying to find out who has been calling me, yes i did the first thing everyone should do is obviously call back but i got no answer everytime i tried. whenever this number calls me my phone rings once and the person hangs up so i cant answer it. i used many different reverse [...]


Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Online?

September 5, 2011

Where can I do a reverse cell phone lookup online? I would like to get a name and address from a cell phone number. I know there are lots of different websites offering the service but I need to know of one that works. Answer: