I found a strange phone number in my girlfriend’s phone. Should I call it?

November 21, 2011

She has been acting strange lately. I was thinking of calling the number or doing a reverse phone lookup! Answer: you should if she talked to the number for a long time but not if its only for a few seconds cause they person couldve called the wrong number


What’s the best FREE way to search a phone number from caller id?

November 14, 2011

When people call my cell phone but don’t leave a message, how can I find out who has called? Free options only. I’ve tried switchboard.com and whitepages.com using their reverse phone lookup and have just been getting generic things lately . . . like “land line” etc. Answer: try zabasearch.com # voomsearch.com http://www.blackbookonline.info/


Reverse Cell Phone Number query?

November 11, 2011

I have been getting quite threatening phone calls on my cell phone lately. The person is rather aggressive towards me, and rather quite frightening. I need to find out who is calling me fast, because my husband is going crazy. He wants the callers name and address so he can go round to the house [...]


I was wondering if anyone knew a good reverse cell phone lookup site?

October 31, 2011

I’ve been getting a lot of prank phone calls lately. They call from their number so I call back and all I get are giggles and a click. If I call fro a pay phone same thing???? I know that there are sites that promise a name and that’s all I want! I want to [...]


free reverse phone lookup?

October 7, 2011

i’ve been getting prank calls lately but i dont want to pay money to find out who it is… anyone know a way to find the name that goes with the number for free?? everything costs like ! Answer: if they are *67′n u then i dont realy know any way to get it, if [...]