Sent out resume, missed calls from personal cell phone number, should I call back?

November 28, 2011

So I sent my resume to this legal job recruiting web site on Wednesday, and I received an automated e-mail saying that I would be contacted if there are openings and such. I received two missed phone calls this morning, both from a personal cell phone number located in Maryland. The job agency I sent [...]


How do I block someone from using my cell phone number to obtain add’l info about me?

November 18, 2011

I just found out that people can obtain a full report on me, including my address, etc. using a reverse cell phone lookup. How do I keep this information private from people!!! Please help – all they have to do is pay a small fee and they can find my info… Answer: John, Call your [...]


anyone know of a reverse phone number look up–free?

November 13, 2011

phone number lookup-reverse-cell-free Answer: There are no truly free sites as cell phone records are NOT public records. To get the information requires that records searches be performed by a legitimate agency and they DO charge for this. You will find all kinds of sites that claim to be “free” but all you will get [...]


Is Reverse Phone Number Lookup Search Legal?

October 28, 2011

Alright, so I realise that personal phone lookups are illegal since they breach the data protection act. What about business’ phone numbers? I am looking for a service similar to, but works on the basis of typing in a number, and getting a company name. Is this legal? And secondly, are there any services [...]


What is the most complete website to find personal info. on a person(background,email, phone, reverse lookup)?

September 13, 2011

I have used Intellious once, but I happened upon another site that only costs 22$ per year for u/l lookups and checks. However, I don’t know if it is legit. What are the best sites to find personal info. on a person (I already use Zaba)? Answer: use zaba


Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Advice?

September 4, 2011

I need some advice about reverse cell phone lookup directories. Can you tell me firstly if they work, and secondly what information I will get from doing a reverse cell phone lookup. I have a cell phone number I want to trace, for a very important personal reason. Will I be able to get the [...]


reverse phone lookup?

August 27, 2011

is there anyway too do a reverse phone lookup for free…safe..sites..i really need to find this out for personal issues everything cost money and i dont want to pay. i want to found out address and there full name,someone in the family that i know. personal thanks Answer: yes, free reverse phone lookup site is [...]