How to figure out an international phone number?

December 8, 2011

I was given a number by an acquaintance to call him and he never got a chance to answer my last e-mail asking him where he is so I can add the country codes. How do I figure that part out? Here are the first eight numbers and the rest I am blocking to safeguard [...]


reverse cell number lookup directory?

November 22, 2011

Im looking for a reverse cell phone directory, I found a good site but does anyone know a way to view the calling history on phones you lookup? Thanks Answer: That would be invasion of privacy. Unless there is a criminal conduct or the police are keeping the persons under surveillance there is no [...]


How can i find FREE reverse cell phone # lookups???!!?

November 22, 2011

Is that possible, i need to lookup who the cell phone # belongs to, but im not having much luck? Does anyone know have? Answer: You can’t. There are NO free reverse lookups for cell phones. There is not a directory for cell phones like there is for land line phones. Cell phones are meant [...]


Does anyone know of a website that you can look up who a phone number belongs to for FREE? A reverse lookup?

November 20, 2011

Answer: Google it. Just type in the phone number (with area code) in the ‘search’ bar and it’ll show whose number it is. But some people choose to opt out of this for privacy so you might not find it.


why can’t I reverse lookup a cell phone number?

November 6, 2011

Answer: Simply put, wireless providers don’t disclose their subscriber information. This is part of all wireless carriers privacy policy. When you set up your phone number with a landline carrier they publish your number because they are the ones making the phonebooks. there are services out there that will allow you to list your cell [...]


how to search for reverse lookup mobile phone numbers in australia.?

September 25, 2011

Have a mobile number of friend and need to find her address. Is there a link to a site to do that for an australian, QLD cell number Answer: I once tried to do this with a home phone through white pages and was told that it is illegal in Australia to give out peoples [...]


Anyone know how to do a reverse phone number lookup for free? One that will actually really give you the info

September 8, 2011

Every place that I have tried, they tell me, yes, we have the information, now you have to pay $$$… That’s crazy… Should be able to lookup the info for free.. If you know of a good place to do this, please reply… Thanks… Answer: There are NO free reverse lookups for cell phones. There [...]


Can you do a reverse phone lookup from a Nextel 2-way number?

August 7, 2011

I do not have the phone number, just the two-way, and I want to find out whose it is. Is that possible? Answer: Not without violating customer privacy. Have you asked them who they are?