Reverse Lookup A Cellular Phone Number?

September 17, 2011

I am currently searching for a site that can reverse lookup a cell phone number. I need a name and address from a certain cellular phone number urgently. I know you can reverse lookup land-line numbers in white pages and public databases, but what about cell phones?. I suppose what I am asking you is, [...]


is there any way i can do a reverse phone lookup on a cell number without paying for it?

September 2, 2011

some number keeps texting me stupid stuff and i have no idea who it is, so i want to look up the number to try to find out who it is, but i dont want to pay for that. but its from a cell phone so i have no idea if you can look up [...]


are there any free reverse cell phone lookup sites?

August 31, 2011

someone keeps calling me from a cell phone number i dont recognize and wont tell me who they are(I suspect its my ex) and i dont want to pay 35 bucks or something just to find out. please help! Answer: Hey there starsbig , There is no free service for stuff like that. Go here: [...]


did anyone purchase a reverse phone lookup?

August 8, 2011

Does it really show everyones name and address and stuff. And if you do have one, i need help with a number. Answer: Yes, I’ve used them in the past & the better services do give you heaps of information on who the number belongs to. At the very least, they’ll tell you the person’s [...]