How can i trace a phone free ?

December 12, 2011

there was a program once i used from to lookup a name or address from the phone number. i dont want to call anyone one or use the two websites that i have to pay for..(intelius, reverse phone detective) please help me… Answer: There’s a free tool at which should be able to [...]


sprint reverse cell phone look up service that works?

December 3, 2011

I am looking for a sprint reverse cell phone look up service, does anyone know if a place that does this? I found that works, but honestly I want it for free. This place charges 9 bucks to do a lookup, any free sources? Thanks Answer: Jeff, There isn’t such thing as free reverse [...]


What’s a legitimate reverse-lookup site for the UK?

December 1, 2011

Where you enter a person’s phone number and it tells you their name and/or address. Thanks in advance. Answer: Register and log on to and input what address you have and it will verify the details for you. You can’t access a name though. You do get up to 12 searches a day . [...]


anyone know any site where you can look up who owns a phone number for FREE? not having to pay to see results.

November 29, 2011

i’ve tried so many “Free” people searches for reverse phone number lookup and everytime there are results, you gotta pay for it… is there a real free site out there? help please! thank you! Answer: will do a reverse search by phone number for free.


Are there any truly free reverse lookup services out there?

November 23, 2011

I’m looking for a free reverse lookup service for tracking back a cell phone # …for cell phone numbers Answer: yeah the


A free reverse phone look-up?

November 19, 2011

i got a weird call from a number and i want to know the name of the caller. but i dont want to call the person back. how can i do a free reverse phone number lookup Answer: ?????? There are so many ways you can look up or trace any phone number. Below are [...]


Is there a way to find out who owns a phone number, like a reverse caller ID?

November 13, 2011

I need to find out who owns a phone number because I want to make an offer to them. Does anybody know how I can do a free reverse lookup? Answer: Hi, If it is a listed land line number you could try,,, If it is unlisted then this method won’t [...]


Is there a reverse lookup website for CELL phones yet?

November 5, 2011

I know there are loads for land lines. But I want to make sure there are no cell phone lookup websites out there. Answer: I don’t think so. The only way to find cell phone numbers is if they’ve been put on a form somewhere (like a business or application), and then that list is [...]


reliable free reverse cell phone lookup? is there even just one out there?

November 2, 2011

Answer: Nope. Not for free. I have seen it for as little as .95 per report, but even the ones that say they are free, just link you to one of the pay sites.


Free reverse phone number lookup?

October 22, 2011

I mean totally free… because I’ve tried white pages, 411, etc and they all charge. The reason I ask is because someone keeps on calling me and playing pranks. thanks Answer: If you’re trying to do a reverse lookup for a cell phone, it won’t be free. You will have to use a paid site. [...]